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Watching the sunset by Lon.


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September 19 2014

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September 19 2014

fuck my life

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September 19 2014

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September 19 2014

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September 19 2014

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September 19 2014

i saw neutral milk hotel at the hollywood bowl, and it was probably one of the best live performances i have ever seen in my entire life…. they’re probably never coming back to los angeles again, so i’m so glad i got to see them, considering they are one of my favorite bands of all time 

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September 19 2014

in one of my classes, my professor split us into groups to talk about the readings we did, and i was in a group with 2 other girls. i am not the type of person who says bullshit like, “oh yeah, i don’t get along with girls. i only hang out with boys,” or just hate on girls in general (because that is seriously so FUCKED UP). ok anyways, before i sat down, one of the girls i was supposed to work with, literally gave me the dirtiest “once over” look i have ever seen in my entire life. you know, where the girl looks at you up and down, and you KNOW that girl is thinking mean things about you, and then she had the fucking NERVE, to ask me, “what are you?” ok BITCH, how about you fucking fix your shitty ass attitude and act like a decent human being. second of all of all, I DID NOTHING TO YOU BITCH. THIRD OF ALL, YOU ARE THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC TOXIC GIRL HATE. i seriously could have been so nasty towards her, but you know what, i have to spend an entire semester with her, so i just bit the bullet and acted civil towards her. i seriously hate people SO MUCH. 

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September 18 2014


Skull Candle Holders

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September 18 2014

Is your older brother hot

— Ancient proverb 

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September 18 2014

my cat looks like a worm

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September 18 2014


Howell Dodd (1953) Crime 03 53 on Flickr.
Girl On Parole
Crime magazine, March 1953.
Cover art: Howell Dodd
The Human Tragedy Of Life In The Prison Without Bars

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September 17 2014

i’ve been reading a parenting book for one of my classes, and i’ve been using the methods that are presented in the book on the kids i teach, and holy fuck they work so well!!! a lot of the kids i work with never shut the fuck up, so i’m constantly telling them to lower their voices, but lately i’ve been saying stuff like, “i get really frustrated as a teacher when you guys don’t listen to me when i’m here to teach. i understand that you guys have important things to say to your friends, but i would really appreciate it if you guys either talked to your friends after class, or if you guys sat next to someone who you would not get distracted by,” and they shut the fuck up right away. when you show empathy towards children and offer them choices, so that it makes it seem like they’re making the decisions, they really do listen to you, because they’re so used to adults telling them what not to do instead of making decisions by themselves. 

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September 17 2014

the next few weeks are going to be horrible… i have so many papers due and presentations to give… and midterms on top of that :( 

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September 17 2014

Chest deep, I risked my phone’s life to take this

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September 17 2014